OUTFIT | The Exhibitor

I am a happy exhibitor at Parkmall’s Vintage Week capping up with Grandparents’ Day on Sept. 9. Since the day they contacted me for a possible display of vintage outfits at their event, my excitement has never waned. Of course I love vintage, but more than that, I accepted because I am nostalgic, and I really, really love my grandparents and my memories of them are warm and securing and funny, at some times, and happy at most times. While I never got to wear nor keep my grandmother’s dresses (she gave them away), I am now keeping some of my mother’s and my aunts’ clothes. You see, trends only come and go, but style doesn’t fade. And that is evidently true with fashion and clothes.

What I wore when I visited the display last Tuesday (which, by the way, was the day heavy rains started to fall and the North Reclamation area was a mayhem with heavy traffic and flooding): cropped eyelet top, high-waist pants, sandals from Linea Italia, gifted bag from mother.

Here are my two displays:

The first display wears 50s-inspired outfit, and the other display wears Joan Holloway-inspired outfit. Vintage items are the dress, skirt, and the yellow pump shoes.


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