Road and Food Trip in Cebu

Monday, National Heroes’ Day, was spent taking a road trip and food trip with my friends from college. We only agreed to have lunch at a floating restaurant called Lantaw in Cordova, but ended up traversing the streets from downtown Cebu, to Lapu-Lapu, to uptown Cebu. I ended up eating the most number of desserts I have ever eaten in recent history: three! In the names of banana turon with ice cream, mango float, and lava cake. Brrr..

For the unexpected road trip, I wore these thrifted linen pants that are very comfortable, and this cotton sleeveless top, which I recycled from the previous night’s dinner.

Here are some precious photos grabbed from my friends’ Facebook pages:

1. at Dandel’s car, 2. at Lantaw, 3. at Fudge, 4. at Lara’s house

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