OUTFIT | The Granny Blouse

While riding the jeepney to Ayala, and secretly glancing at the two Korean girls taking iPhone photos of the surroundings, I began to think of why I love white vintage tops that you can see being popularly worn by grandmothers. I recall my childhood as full of books and reading. I read children’s books with female heroines like The Little Women, The House in the Prairie series, Little Princess, Secret Garden, and Anne of Avonlea. I have limited imagination and would only imagine my favorite characters wearing white top and some kind of a skirt. So, I love white granny tops, and I have collected several of them, stored separately from my other clothes.

This top I’m wearing is a “new” one, one of the few things I bought during a massive thrifting adventure last Sunday with my friends. Their thrifting adventure was massive, while mine was just average because I only have P400 thrifting money. P400 wasn’t bad though because I score 2 dresses, 2 bathing suits, and 4 tops.

Come to think of it, this outfit is a thrifted outfit. My shorts, which look vintage but isn’t, is a thrift find, and so are the bag and shoes.

I’m wearing vintage top, thrifted shorts, thrifted bag, thrifted shoes, various bracelets and my sister’s old watch.


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