OUTFIT | The Dark Red Lips

There are days when I feel witchy. There are also days when I wear all black and scare myself by making scary faces in front of my mirror. Then I can’t sleep because I keep thinking of my scary self. Today is one of those days. I actually wanted to look like a rocker, only to find I looked like a witch.

These days, since Saturday, I have been feeling light-headed and I’m always thinking of the tragic death of DILG Sec. Jesse Robredo. I’ve been doing monologues, and talking to anyone who wants to listen to my conspiracy theory. That death seems curious, and I won’t buy the engine failure explanation 100%. The good man always gets eliminated, especially our kind of politics. As my 8-year old nephew would say, “maayong tawo ray makabuhat ana.”

Anyway, Mr. Robredo’s body has been found (autopsy, anyone?) and I think I will move on. Good news were upon me. Two of my younger cousins (I only have one older cousin in my mother’s side) passed the Nurses’ Licensure Exams and I’m doubly happy.

I’m wearing thrifted blazer, necklace from downtown, camisole from July, thrifted lace skirt from Baguio, and vintage Pop-Pop shoes. I love nerdy shoes. Proof of how ngarag I was the past days, I forgot to wash my face the day these pictures were taken.


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