Reworked Dress and Foresight

There are many reasons why I buy at thrift stores, and why I especially buy vintage. One of the reason is because with vintage there are lesser chances that somebody would be wearing the same thing. There are a lot of good designs at retail stores but these stores produce a thousand copy of one design. The more popular or trendy a design is, the higher the volume of copies the retail store will produce. It’s business. So, to avoid bumping into another person wearing the exact thing (and she, or he, is wearing it better) and to just really stretch my money, I buy at thrift stores and I buy vintage.

This dress is not vintage but is probably already old. I loved the print of this dress and the design of the skirt + the comfortable fabric. But this dress was originally hideous. Hideous in the sense that it was long, falling way below my knees, the neck was tight almost choking me, and it had long-sleeves. So I took the dress to the tailor to cut the hem and the sleeves and I gutted the neck portion myself.

When buying vintage, or thrifted clothes, don’t easily discard an item just because it doesn’t fit or it looks outdated. Maybe a little creativity and sewing skills could help.

I’m wearing reworked dress, necklace by local exporter, my sister’s bag, vintage shades, and slippers.


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