FOOD | Caldeo & Vegetables

green salad with roasted sesame dressing, vegetable & cheese sandwich, and miswa soup

It rained today. It also rained yesterday. And because it’s raining, I thought it might be good to share something that’s perfect for a rainy day. “Caldeo” is the Spanish word for “warming” or “heating” but caldeo also means hot soup made of leftover fish sauteed with spices, added with water and miswa, a kind of Chinese noodles that cooks easily. I’ve been eating caldeo the past weeks because I love miswa. The soup is easy to cook and can easily warm the stomach. While growing up, we usually pair our miswa with sardines and/or patola.

For this caldeo meal, I also ate wheat bread sandwich with cheddar cheese, greens and roasted sesame dressing, and organic greens salad.


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