OUTFIT | The Long Weekend Ahead

Last Sunday, my nephew, my boyfriend and I went to a swimming pool because I promised my nephew that we would go to one when he visits me in the city.  And being the water whale that he is, he never forgets any promise, especially if that promise involves water and/or food.  We had the pool all to ourselves, much to the delight of my nephew who practiced his synchronized swimming skills (we were able to watch Great Britain perform synchronized swimming).

The weekend will be a long one, with Monday and Tuesday already declared a holiday. I’ll be off to the country, remembering this would be the exact thing I did last year.

I’m wearing sheer cover-up from my cousin (thanks, Day!), vintage bathing suit also worn here, old shorts and my sister’s shades.  I’ also reading La Grande Therese, a short novel on one of France’s most notorious trickster, more like Ponzi or Madoff. Maybe I’ll give a short summary and review here.

Happy Friday!


2 thoughts on “OUTFIT | The Long Weekend Ahead

  1. would you believe that i’ve just finished reading that one too! I got an exact copy like yours at a booksale for five pesos! pretty in swimwear btw, so vintage-y!

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