Robin’s Eggs Necklace

Robin’s egg blue is one color I like. They remind me of spring (although I haven’t experienced spring yet). I just thought I know what spring looks and feels like because The Secret Garden (by Frances Hodgson Burnett) is one of my favorite books.

I bought this pack of robin’s egg blue (and robin’s egg shaped) beads from Carolina’s, a local fabric and craft store, many, many months ago. Or years. When I bought them, I had no particular project in mind but I just liked the color blue.  One Sunday, while making myself some oatmeal for breakfast and constantly checking my watch for a date with a friend, I took these beads out from my crafts box and strung them with a rope my tito uses to build his miniature ships. I just tied the necklace using a square knot (I learned this in scouting).

I’m wearing DIY necklace, thrifted top, soft jacket borrowed from the Shop, old shorts, Banana Peel slippers, and leather bag.

I’m praying for Manila, and the whole country as well (earthquake in Mindoro? and the opposition to the RH Bill).  I’m praying for good (and better) leaders to be elected by our people next year: leaders who would spend more efforts and time on long-term solutions to problems, like flooding, than leaders who spend more time and money on short-term solutions (road repair, footbridge construction). For those in Cebu who want to help victims of the flood, drop-off points are listed here by ZeroThreeTwo.


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