From Thrifted Shoes to Metallic Shoes


Happy weekend!

This was a DIY project I did early this year. My friend got married in late January (see their pre-nuptial photos here) and she asked us to wear silver shoes to match our silver/gray gowns. I window-shopped for silver and/or gray shoes but did not not find anything to my liking and anything below my price budget, which was P700. Yes, I am cheap, that’s why I thrift. No problem with that, right? 😀

So, I looked for how I can acquire a pair of silver/gray shoes without that much money involved.  I am a big fan of Geneva from A Pair and A Spare and I’d always stalk her blog for inspiration.  She featured this gold glitter DIY using a pair of Christian Louboutin pumps. While I have the same exact pair of Christian Louboutin (worn here, and here) only in color gray, that I thrifted from Baguio, I was not yet willing to do anything to it. So, I thrifted for a pair of plain colored pumps from downtown Cebu and bought one for P100.

I then asked my boyfriend to spray paint it using RJ London Acrylic Epoxy Spray Paint in Metallic Silver #1580.  Before spray painting, I covered the insides and the soles of the shoes with magazine so they won’t be painted.  While the shoes were good looking after spray painting, it cracked when I practiced walking on it.  Because, I now realize, I did not exactly follow Geneva’s procedures. I forgot to sand the shoes before spray painting! Thank heavens, our gowns that day were long, or else my friend would have murdered me with my cracked shoes on her wedding day.

Now, back to work.

Aw, today’s a weekend?

Happy Weekend!


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