FOOD | French Toast

The french toast did not come from France.  (source) I invented it. Haha. Of course, you know I did not invent it. No one knows who invented it. For the past months, bread has been my life saver (for breakfast, lunch and snacks). And when the bread is nearing its expiry date, or has reached its expiry date, I transform them into these magical toasts called french toasts. While you can just top your bread with butter, some syrup, and add some fruits, making it into french toast will bring it to another level: a burnt level just like the last picture.

french toast made with Sunny Farms bread
over soaked, and burnt french toast made with Sunny Farms bread


I wouldn’t say that I love french toasts. They are not my favorites. I just make them so as not to waste my bread, and I eat them so as not to waste anything. French toasts are really delicious, but to be honest, I’d prefer a more savory breakfast like rice + egg + dried fish or local chorizos. Yum!

How to make french toasts? Easy-peasy. Get some eggs, and beat them. (Okay, crack the eggs first, making sure you extract the liquid stuff inside, and you beat the liquid stuff, not the whole eggs). Add some liquid milk. Condensed milk is best because it is sweet and creamy, but I only use powdered milk dissolved in water (not hot water because the eggs will cook).  You mix the two liquids.  I add some vanilla extract and some cinnamon. I don’t add sugar just because, but you can add as much as you want. Then you soak your sliced bread in your egg/milk mixture. Oversoaked bread will fall apart when you fry them, so just make sure the breads are adequately soaked.  Fry your soaked bread until the sides brown. When done, top it with anything you want. I topped mine with butter, Clara Ole maple flavor syrup, bananas, and Snow Caps.

I have used breads from different sources and I must admit, some toasts came out better than the others. One of these days, we’d talk about those breads.


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