OUTFIT | Unironed Blue

Last Saturday, I took out my iron from its box and used it for the first time since I bought it last May. I am not an iron lady. I don’t iron my clothes but the iron was one of the first things I purchased for my new place. My sister was an iron freak, she irons her clothes everyday. I don’t. I think ironing (at least using electric irons) wastes so much electricity.  But I ironed this blue shorts. But look at how lousy my ironing skills are. To combat my lack of ironing skills and my hatred for ironing, I buy clothes that don’t need ironing, or if ironing is needed, at least minimal.

I used to not like blue, especially in high school where blue was the favorite color of almost everybody I know. For some reasons, they hated pink, which I loved. 😛 But nowadays, I still don’t like the color blue but I love to wear it especially when it comes in the form of midnight blue, like the blazer above. Midnight blue is almost black, but just almost. It’s royal and could be a basic.

I’m wearing thrifted Cour Carre blazer, floral vintage top borrowed from the Shop, thrifted Olivia V. Clothes shorts, thrifted flats, and gifted Old Navy bag.


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