Thrift Store, cor. J. Llorente St. and Jones Ave.

Last Saturday, my boyfriend and I were in the uptown area to walk and take photographs, I took the opportunity to dash through the thrift stores dotting the area.  I love the uptown area especially because of the tree-lined pathway and now the city has made efforts to make the pathways more attractive by adding antique-looking lampposts (I just hope the lampposts’ prices were not bloated) and grasses and flowers, and fixing the concrete walkways.

Though I love the uptown area, I don’t especially like the thrift stores there because (i) although they have lots of stuff for sale, these stuff are cramped and because there are too many, you can’t browse all of them, (ii) most stuff are new, which don’t appeal to me because I want to find vintage gems, and (iii) most store clerks are not friendly.

The photo above is the entrance to one of the uptown thrift stores located near the corner of Jones Ave. and J. Llorente St. (near Joven’s Grill).  This is a relatively new store because the owners have changed.  The former thrift store was owned by an old lady, and she sold lots of vintage clothes.  This new store is packed and they had several walls of leather bags. I did not buy anything from the store (because I only had P100 in my purse when we went there) and I did not find anything that I loved either.  There were good leather bags though (satchels and handbags).

(from where I’m taking the picture are two walls of leather bags, there were lots of imitation bags though)

Price Range: starts at P180 (when new stocks arrive)

Other profiled thrift store: Across Robinson’s Mall. Some thrifting tips here.


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