A Less Cluttered Life: Throw That Lipstick Away

Some nights ago, I searched the Internet for articles on the shelf-life of make-up items.  The past year, I began learning how to put on make-up. I had make-up in the house given to us by our aunts and friends and most of them were unopened or seldom used.  I bought some new stuff that I thought would be good or would be helpful. Most of them I gave away, unused last Christmas.  But there are some that I just refuse to give or throw away (like a Clinique palette) because they seem to be just working fine.

I am aiming to have a more edited make-up kit, something that is sparse enough to fit in a pouch that I can also instantly grab for travel but complete enough to last me from day to night.

Reading those Internet articles made me realize that I need to throw away most of the make-up items that I have been using since I don’t know when.  Now I know there are many reasons why I should not stock on make-up items.  Aside from they take up space, they are difficult to organize, they take away some portions of your budget, most of them just lie barely used (or worse, unused), or you don’t feel good with them, these make-up items eventually expire and would become unsafe to use.

I created this “cheat sheet” on the shelf-life of make-up items based on an article from Allure.  This cheat sheet is for me, as much as for anyone out there who wants to know.

MASCARA           2-3 months

FOUNDATION        6-12 months

CONCEALER         2 years for powder and 1 year for liquid

FACE POWDER       2 years

BLUSH             2 years for powder and 1 year for cream

EYE SHADOW        3 months for powder

EYELINER          3 months for liquid or pencil

LIPSTICK & GLOSS  1 year or if you’ve been sick

NAIL POLISH       forever, until formula remains separated when shaken

If you’re just a mere mortal (not a beauty goddess or a make-up artist), I think it’s better to just absorb those make-up ads, and not buy them.  With the shelf-life of make-up, chances are, we won’t be getting the most of our money with the too much make-up items we bought.  Instead of buying that lipstick, better (i) get more sleep, (ii) drink more water, (iii) avoid alcohol and cigarettes, and (iv) eat healthy.



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