OUTFIT | Black & White & Velvet

This is what I wore to Maui and Chastity’s mini-fashion show.  I planned to wear something sexy (naks!) and has reworked a thrifted dress for that. But last Saturday was cold and I was anticipating it would be colder at night, so I wore something comfortable and warm.  The cover-up is actually a large top.

Maui and Chastity’s mini-fashion was very intimate and fun, and they are now preparing for another show (to be held sometime during the holidays this year).  I hope they hold another pop-up store.  What I loved most about that show, on top of the delicious clothes and accessories, were (i) the band Who’s Next who played ska, (ii) the ice cold Coke, (iii) the legs.

I also loved Maui’s tattoos, and the models’ glittery skin! They looked very fresh.

I’m wearing thrifted white top, thrifted black chiffon dress, Juan shoes, and thrifted clutch.  Black dress was also worn here.  Black shoes were worn here. Clutch were worn here and here.


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