OUTFIT | Denim over Denim

It rained hard yesterday afternoon, much to my dismay (because I just finished doing my laundry) and even though it was not very cold I decided to wear my denim jacket that I’ve had since college.  The denim over denim look was actually inspired by photos of James Dean and Tom Cruise I found while searching for “50s style for men” and browsing over “Katie Holmes divorces Tom Cruise” articles. The coincidence, both James Dean and Tom Cruise look really good on denim jeans and denim jackets and white shirts, so I thought I should try the style. I think the denim over denim (and white & denim) combination never looks out of style. It’s a classic.

I’m wearing Levi’s denim jacket circa 2001, old tattered denim shorts, white top borrowed from Just Got Lucky shop, vintage clutch, Aldo wedges gifted from my sister, and a collection of thin bracelets.

By the way, the truth is, I looked like this yesterday:

Lol. I was at the supermarket and I commute from the house to the supermarket and I was wearing slippers. 😀 And, speaking of supermarkets, I think it’s best to give up accumulating plastic bags. Better bring your re-usable shopping bags. It’s easier, the bags are sturdier, and you won’t have a problem on how to store your plastic bags at home.


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