FOOD | Green Eggs and Lemonade

I’ve been living without a refrigerator for a month and a half. I am very okay with it. The electric bill is really low and I am eating more vegetables and less meat and lesser processed food (think: chorizo).  For protein, I rely mostly on eggs, which do not spoil even if not placed inside a refrigerator.  I also now drink lesser cold water because my water dispenser only dispenses “hot and natural” water.  While I’ve found living without refrigerator and an electric fan good and satisfactory, some people find it uncomfortable, especially my mother.

I don’t know yet if living without a refrigerator is better for my health but I think it is more eco-friendly because I have reduced carbon emissions by not using a refrigerator. There are some things I learned with this kind of set-up. The first week was difficult because I have lived with a refrigerator my whole life. I yearned for cold water. I don’t know much about cooking and much more about proportions so I cooked more than what I can eat. I had leftovers and I had to throw them away the next day because they were spoiled. But later, it’s not as difficult as it seemed.  Natural water tastes just the same, and I was forced to cook only to what I can finish, and I finish everything at the end of the day.  Eggs do not spoil when not in the refrigerator. Butter and cheese also do not spoil when not in the refrigerator. Some vegetables last for 3-5 days like squash, potatoes and sweet potatoes.

The pictures above I ate one day for brunch and snacks. I call it green eggs because I added green vegetables (spring onions, cabbage and cucumbers) to my omelet and wheat bread, which came from Sunny Farms in Cagayan de Oro.  The eggs were creamy while the cabbage and cucumbers were crunchy. The lemonade was with a twist because I added sparkling soda to make it refreshing. The food tasted clean and earthy, and after finishing everything, I had to smile and thank the heavens for the wonderful meal.


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