OUTFIT: Violet & Gray

I really have nothing special or serious to say.  The past days have been full of work, of which I won’t complain of. Sometimes I sleep really late in the night to finish just sorting documents and arranging them (nothing valuable but would really help improve my efficiency at work) but I am just thankful I still have a job.

I work full-time as an editor for a company that publishes online newsletters on bankruptcy cases and troubled companies.  We are like the obituaries of print newspapers, we report on deaths — but company deaths.  I am home-based, and basically strapped to my seat for most of the day.  While I may dream about having a glamorous and fashionable job, I am thankful I have a job.  While I may hate some parts of the job, I have really learned to love writing and researching on bankruptcy (gross and nerdy, yeah).

Today is Friday and already night time here at my part of the world. And while many people would be chilling out (my nephew and boyfriend are bonding over male-themed cartoons), I am working.  Or, rather, I will still be working after I put this blog up for publication.

I wish everyone a happy weekend! Be thankful with what you have! (but never stop dreaming and working hard).

I’m wearing thrifted violet dress, vintage men’s blazer borrowed from the Shop, bazaar sandals and gifted bag.


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