FEATURE: Hanging Rice

Hanging Rice, an online site that features anything positively Cebu, did a feature on me some days ago titled Psyche: A Study on Whimsical and Vintage Style. We talked about thrifting and sources of good fashionable finds in the City. As many people would know, I am not a native of Cebu, and would never call myself a Cebuano. But I love Cebu very much and it has loved me back so much through the years I’ve been here. Thank you Hanging Rice for the feature, and hope to read more positively Cebu posts from you.  The feature and interview are here. (giggle, giggle)


4 thoughts on “FEATURE: Hanging Rice

  1. Congrats on the feature! =D I read meream’s other blog Bored and Crafty–didn’t know she had another one.
    And yes, regarding your comment on my blog, of course you can post it here,=D
    and P10 blazers???Wow I would have gone bat-shit crazy trying things on on that, hehe.

  2. oh I read that feature. It’s always nice to see a blogger who blogs about what she really loves and not get lost in the crowd. Thanks for dropping by my blog. This feature is totally deserved!

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