OUTFIT | Colors and Inflation

When I started living here in the city, some 15 years ago, the jeepney fare was P2.50, cinema was P25-P30, and one Dunkin Donut is about P10.  Things were cheaper that my classmates and I always frequent the mall and my cousin and I would watch movies almost every weekend.  With P100, we can go to Ayala Center, have a decent lunch at a fast food chain, watch some movies at the upper box, buy some trinkets, and go home happy. Now, I only seldom watch movies at the cinema, seldom eat a Dunkin Donut, and rarely buy anything from the mall. Now, jeepney fare is P7, and I can barely eat a decent meal from a fast food restaurant.

Some things have changed, and some things have changed for the better. When I first came here, I was wearing baggy jeans, sporting really limp long hair, and ill-fitting shirts. Now, I’m wearing thread-bare leggings with a hole near my butt, some dirty flats that I haven’t cleaned since our trip to Baguio in 2011, and the colors red and sea green in one outfit. Yes, some things change, and some things change for the better.

Happy, happy weekend!

wearing: peplum top – thrifted | blazer borrowed from the Shop | old black leggings | thrifted flats | bag bought from Metro Dept. Store


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