How to Hide Unsightly Routers

Working at home in a personal computer (PC) has been a challenge because of the many wires that accompany the PC (see picture).  While I still don’t have the solution on how to make the wires look presentable and not like intestines spilling out, I found a do-it-yourself solution to hiding away my Globe Tattoo router and my wifi router.  I found the DIY project from Apartment Therapy and pinned it to Pinterest to help me remember to actually create the project.

To make the DIY, I bought two hard-bound books from Booksale. The books cost me P35. While I could have used any book lying around in the house, I don’t have books that I want to let go. In fact, I felt guilty tearing up these books because I’m such a book lover that I hoard books, even those that I plan to read when I retire.

Okay, if you want to do this DIY, just follow Apartment Therapy’s step-by-step instructions. They’re better at relaying instructions and documenting them than me. I’m just lazy. The project is very easy to make. For the book pages, I did not throw them away. They will be stored for future projects.

One tip though: I don’t recommend putting stuff above the books. Because the router heats up, and the stuff on top will get fried. Kidding. Maybe you can put an egg, or a piece of bread. But maybe not a camera.

Total Cost: P35

Time Spent: around 20 minutes


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