OUTFIT | Green & Increasing Shipping Fees

I went out today to ship some items for K, a young blogger, who was kind enough to write some good stuff about the Shop.  I have always used Air21 as my shipping partner for the Shop because I find them reliable, their rates are lower than that of LBC’s, and the staff at Mail and More Emall are accommodating and friendly that I always go back and ship sold items there.  There is a disappointing news though. Starting July 1, Air21 shipping rates will increase from P112 to P196 for a small pounch(! ouch!). I told the Mail and More attendant that they probably won’t see me anymore because I think P196 is too much to charge for clients buying vintage clothes or secondhand items priced at P150 to P180. (right?) It’s sad. Anyhow, I just need to find an alternative courier.

I’m wearing olive long-sleeved tunic borrowed from the Shop, old leggings, thrifted sandals, dept. store bag and local-made wood earrings.


3 thoughts on “OUTFIT | Green & Increasing Shipping Fees

  1. True! Shiped some items yesterday and the guys at Air21 told me of the increase on July 1 too!=( Too bad, because I’ve always prefered them huhu.

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