Lazy Kung Pao Noodles

I call this the “lazy” kung pao noodles because I used Clara Ole’s Kung Pao sauce, instead of making the sauce from scratch.  I’ve tried making the sauce from scratch, and admittedly, the one made from scratch was more delicious than the ready-made sauce. So, if you have more time to spare, make the sauce from scratch using this recipe here but if you are pressed for time, then grab some Clara Ole Kung Pao sauce and use it instead.  Just make a few tweaks with the ready-made sauce to make it tastier.


1 pouch Clara Ole Kung Pao sauce

1 bunch of angel hair pasta (you can use spaghetti but I used angel hair because it’s what I have in the pantry)

chicken breast, around 1/8 kilo



some chopped green onions

chili pepper flakes

peanuts, chopped

salt and pepper to taste


1. Cook the pasta according to instructions. I don’t follow instructions.  What I do is boil water, add salt to the water, drop the pasta and cook until al dente. Drain water from the pasta and set aside. While the pasta is set aside, my boyfriend added butter (maybe olive oil) will do to keep the pasta from sticking to each other.

2. For the chicken, slice the chicken breast into bite-size pieces.  Dredge in cornstarch seasoned with salt and pepper and dredge in one beaten egg. Fry the chicken pieces until cooked.

3. For the sauce, heat the saucepan, and add the Clara Ole Kung Pao sauce.  Let the sauce simmer. After the sauce is heated, add to pasta.  Add chicken pieces and toss pasta.  Sprinkle with spring onions and peanuts.

P.S. For extra kick, add chili pepper flakes while the sauce is simmering.

Happy eating! 🙂


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