Easy, No-Cost Picture Frames

Living in a rental has serious limitations. For one, most landlords, like mine, do not allow the installation of nails. I understand the reason behind the rule and I’m not about to break such rule. So, in order to put life into my tiny kitchen, I looked for things I can”frame.”

The Song of Solomon is a book cover. The book is written by Toni Morrison, a Nobel Prize winner for literature that I enjoy reading. The Eat Well Travel Often quote I got from Pinterest and the Pepper text was a test for a sample printing in sticker paper. The last paper is a price list of organic vegetables from Tanny’s Organic Farm.

Happy Sunday, and Happy fathers’ day to all fathers out there, especially to my pops!


2 thoughts on “Easy, No-Cost Picture Frames

  1. I know you know what I’m going to ask: RECIPE!!!

    (Sorry, I only have about half a dozen dishes that I cook over and over, and when I see something that looks good and easy, I just have to ask!)

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