This, That and Independence

Last Sunday, because Manny Pacquaio lost, I was very inspired to arrange my things and organize my “vanity” products (yes, they include cotton balls and buds).  I covered some boxes with scrap gift wrappers and placed make-up stuff into glass wares. I think the jars are really fancy, but it’s soo nice. I think using old jars and glass wares is a thrifty way of dressing up a vanity table and organizing things. And speaking of fancy, this afternoon it rained, and I thought it would be nice to drink some hot calamansi juice (like the calamansi juice my bestfriend ordered in Bigby’s) in a champagne glass. And eat some pretty snacks. And sit on the floor because there are no chairs.

Snacking on Magic Flakes cheese crackers, otap (delicious!) and sandwiches with cucumber and onion.

Before I end this incoherent entry, let me greet all my fellow Filipinos a happy independence day! Thank you to all those who’ve helped us maintain our sovereignty. I wish we would be independent from imported food supply.  We should grow more food in our country. I wish there will be organic farms here in Cebu City who would sell or deliver fresh produce every week so I won’t fall prey to fast and greasy (but really delicious) food. I wish we would have equal and fair access to government files, excellent health care and education.  I wish we would be independent from oil and gasoline and start turning to alternative sources of energy.  I wish. Happy independence day!


2 thoughts on “This, That and Independence

  1. Haha! I love how you start off by talking about Manny Pacquio!! You sound like a tomboy like I am. You are quite crafty and creative! I love your blog and your unique perspective and wordage 🙂 look forward to more!

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