Outfit: School & a Backpack

It’s June, and its back to school here in the Philippines. My nephew, a few weeks ago, told me that he was excited to go to school because he missed his classmates.  I am very sure he missed playing with his classmates, and probably did not miss studying rigorously under my mother’s watchful eyes.  When my nephew got back to school, he sent me an SMS saying he was not very happy because he was not classmates with his friends and some even transferred to another school.  I found it funny but my nephew thinks he’s in a very bad position that he asked my mother to see his teacher or his principal to transfer him. As for me, there will be no back to school this semester.  Not that I’m sad.  I definitely don’t miss eating oily sandwiches from the school’s cafe.  But I do miss my classmates and the lessons, and learning a lot of things, especially from my wrong answers. 😀

To commemorate back to school season, my boyfriend and I dropped by my alma mater yesterday and took pictures.  The outfit, I think, is very college.  I don’t think I wore too much colors in college, but I thought this outfit was college because of the backpack. I don’t like backpacks (the way I don’t like rubber shoes but I’d choose a backpack over a pair of rubber shoes) but, in college, I had a backpack that I truly loved.  It was a clear plastic backpack from Jag. I never saw that kind of backpack again.   So, happy back to school! 🙂

I’m wearing Marni printed top, thrifted skirt, Marc Jacobs shoes, and bag that’s a gift from my cousin.


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