Recipe: Potato & Egg Salad

Due to insistent public demand (ha! I wish), I am sharing the recipe for the potato and egg salad I made yesterday at dawn.  There is no need for you to wake up at dawn to make this salad.  You can prepare it anytime because it’s so easy and takes really little time.  This salad took about 30mins (because I work slow) to prepare, and serves about 2 (I ate almost everything).


2 potatoes

2 eggs

some chopped cheese

some diced carrots

some diced onions

some diced bell peppers

pickle relish

salt & pepper to taste


Boil the potatoes and eggs together.  As soon as they’re done, get them out of the water, peel both, and chop them.  To know whether the potatoes are done, I poke them with fork. If they’re soft, then they’re done.  After chopping the potatoes and eggs, add the carrots, onions and bell peppers.  Add pickle relish.  Taste the salad before seasoning with salt and pepper as the pickle relish may be just enough seasoning.  To make the salad creamy, you can add mayonnaise, but it is not necessary. 🙂 Enjoy the salad with toasted (or hot) bread and cold drinks.


6 thoughts on “Recipe: Potato & Egg Salad

  1. wow, yummy lagi ni Sayks…I will try this this weekend…but definitely dili sa kadlawn kay mahadlok ko.hahaha!

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