Thrifting Sunday

I woke up early today, a Sunday, to go to Carbon Market to buy a broom and a coconut husk.  Because some roads are closed, I ended up taking 2 jeepney rides and walking 4 blocks to get to the market.  A good exercise.  At the end of my visit to the market, I ended up with more than a broom (P20) and a coconut husk (P15).  I also bought 10 sheets of wall paper (P60, P6 per sheet), a small basket (P35), a bunch of celosias (P25) and a vintage dress (P75).

The celosia is the official flower of the Sinulog.

I have been looking for wall papers the past weeks but have not found any that is to my liking.  While walking to Carbon market, I passed by a small, disorganized shop that looked like it was selling school supplies from the 80s. I asked for wallpapers and luckily they had some. I found these cute because of the print.  It looked vintagey.  And P6 per sheet is not a bad deal. I used the paper to line my clothes cabinet.

Carbon market is a farmers’ market.  It is probably the biggest farmers’ market here in Cebu City, and Cebu province, and has been in place since time immemorial.  The market is known from many things, including fresh farm produce, meats, poultry products, fish and seafood, baskets (like the one above), ukay-ukay, and many more.  These days the market is cleaner.

Blue vintage dress.  The seller was a child and she was asking me: “Do you like this? Why? I don’t like that dress. Would you look good in that dress?” Talkative, but it’s okay. She was generous.  She gave me a 25peso discount. 😛


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