OUTFIT | Black, Gray, and Leather

My boyfriend and I went to a 4-day trip last week and packing was a real challenge, mostly because I had limited baggage capacity and I was lugging a laptop along for work. (loser).  

I am usually a heavy packer and tend to bring extra pieces of clothing and unnecessary toiletries and cosmetics.  I think I nailed it this time because all I brought was an overnight bag with four pieces of clothing inside, one night wear (a really lightweight night robe from Etam), and 1 bag of toiletries and cosmetics combined.  I was even able to bring a pair of heeled sandals and a pair of slippers.

But I wasn’t very happy. The gray knitted dress I wore for the plane ride, and which I planned to wear for the rest of the day, was comfortable only for the plane ride.  The dress was a little thick, though I still wore a faux-leather jacket for added japorms, making it comfortable for the cool air inside the aeroplane. But the dress was too thick for Manila weather. If Cebu is hot, I think Manila was hotter.


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