Small Town Girl Diaries: Island Dressing

I was home in our little island the past two weeks and I had more bathing suits than clothes.  Thank heavens for a kind and thoughtful grand-aunt who sent us some clothes so I had some new clothes to wear while I’m there.  I would have been stuck to wearing bathing suits while working or my nephew’s clothes, or gowns, which I actually wore one day.

I’m not really daring enough to wear tube-top dresses without a cover-up but some days were hot so I had to wear these dresses. The first one is a gift from my boyfriend and the second one is custom-made by Veronica Valente.  Of course, slippers are the best way to get around town.

Aside from new clothes, I also received baubles (yehey!!).


Now I’m back in the city but will be gone again soon. What made my stay in my hometown more memorable was the visits from two special people. And delicious food (even the utang kalamunggay is delicious).


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