Small Town Girl Diaries: Habits and Siquijor


We have habits. And we have favorite things to do.  When I have few hours in Dumaguete before riding a boat to Siquijor, I visit Robinson’s mall to eat lunch at Sans Rival and drink coffee at Bo’s.  Whenever I’m at Bo’s, I always drink the caramel latte, been drinking it since college.  If not caramel latte, iced tea.  None of those ice blended drinks with cream.  Today’s Holy Tuesday, and my cousin and I have been traveling from Cebu for 4 hours or so to get here.  We have a 4:30 boat ride to our home province where our grandma is awaiting her floral foam and flowers.  The day is hot, just like all the days in Holy Week.  If you are itching to go somewhere this summer, maybe you’d like to try Siquijor.  There are lots of wonderful beaches, good roads, nature trails, waterfalls, caves, and friendly people. (There may be a scarcity of good affordable food).

My favorite things to do in Siquijor — sleeping and reading books in bed.


7 thoughts on “Small Town Girl Diaries: Habits and Siquijor

  1. ahhh, i’m guessing you’re decorating a carro for holy week? everytime i get to visit my mom’s hometown in Sindangan, ZDN, i help my mom out with the Resurrection carro…and spend hours decorating it with flowers. ❤ despite the long hours of travel to our provinces, it's always worth it huh?

    ♥ vanilla ice cream ♥

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