Thrift Store, (across) Robinson’s Mall

One of the thrift stores in the city that I frequent is this (huge) thrift store across Robinson’s Mall-Cebu at the Fuente Circle.  This is at the second floor, on top of Mercury Drug pharmacy and you may access this store through this covered walkway.

Price Range: P35 to P800

Why I love this store: Whatever day I can visit this store, there’s always a portion having sale.  The store is composed of several sections.  One section may have new arrivals, and the others will have sale.  Having many sections, you will have a lot of clothes to choose from. There are also a lot of designer clothes here (though priced higher, from P200 up).  This store is also very accessible.

Why I don’t like this store: The staff are not very friendly and I don’t see a lot of vintage.  The fitting rooms are not spacious.

Best buy: a pair of P50 nude staccatto pumps I wore here

Update: As of Nov. 6, 2017, this store is closed.


6 thoughts on “Thrift Store, (across) Robinson’s Mall

  1. This is where I got some of my practicum teaching outfits as they have a lot of office skirts that range from 100-130. 🙂 Love thrifting!

    1. Yes, I agree with you, Yen! They have lots of office attire.. Sadly though I don’t buy too much office clothes because I don’t work in one. 🙂 Apir in thrifting!

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